Our Future is Bright!



At John Wayne Airport, we are always working hard to make your airport experience better—and our strong progress in 2023 made it another standout year. During the first full year with JWA’s new leader, we made huge strides across all of our priorities, while positioning the Airport for a very bright future.

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Some notable highlights include becoming debt-free by defeasing $60.9 million of JWA’s outstanding Airport Revenue Bonds, celebrating 100 Years of Flight in Orange County, and embarking on a $711 million Capital Improvement Program that will keep our facilities in excellent operating condition for years to come—including new baggage handling systems, new elevators and escalators, parking improvements, more electric vehicle charging stations, and taxiway improvements. We’re also well on our way to revamping concessions to embody the vibrant essence of Orange County.

We are proud that our Airport is a powerful economic engine that drives the regional economy by generating more than 45,000 jobs and over $5.7 billion dollars in annual economic impact.

We hope you’ll read on for more details about our fantastic year and future plans—all of which aim to earn your loyalty and keep JWA your airport of choice.


Being a Good Neighbor

For more than a century, John Wayne Airport has been a key travel partner for Orange County and our commitment to the community is just as strong today. That’s why year after year, we look for new ways to support and engage with our OC neighbors—enforcing noise limits, alleviating traffic congestion, maintaining timely communication, addressing concerns, and cultivating positive relationships with local residents, businesses and stakeholders.

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Ensuring Safety: Our Top Priority

With safety and security always priority one, John Wayne Airport continues its steadfast commitment to maintain a safe environment for our guests, aviation partners, tenants, employees and volunteers. Whether boarding a plane, arriving on a flight or waiting in our Terminals, we are 100% committed to protecting what matters. We meet or exceed all federally mandated security regulations and are vigilant to maintain the highest degree of safety. We have security covered, so you can relax and travel with ease.

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Enhancing Comfort and Convenience

There are countless reasons JWA is the top travel choice for many Orange County residents. Near the top of the list is our superior guest experience—recognized by travelers in survey after survey. From our focus on “local OC flavors” at dining concessions to our wide variety of retail shops, productive workspaces, and free, high-speed Wi-Fi, we pride ourselves in going above and beyond to make traveling easier and more enjoyable.

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Thinking Sustainably

At John Wayne Airport, we are not only committed to taking care of guests, but also protecting our planet’s precious resources. From reducing landfill waste to advancing sustainable building initiatives and encouraging our tenants to do the same, we’re proud to lead the way with environmental best practices. Our relentless commitment includes reliance on green building materials, sustainable methods, zero-emission vehicles, energy-efficient lighting, and fuel-efficient aircraft.

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Staying Financially Sound

Our financial stability is a long-standing hallmark of John Wayne Airport’s operation—and we are proud of our integrity and commitment. Our history of conservative fiscal practices and careful stewardship help us maintain strong cash reserves, low debt and low cost of enplanement, which makes us highly attractive to airlines and travelers alike. In 2023, our financial stewardship helped us achieve another impressive milestone—becoming debt-free.

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bright future ahead

There’s no doubt that 2023 was another outstanding year—filled with strong performance, new beginnings and great expectations for the future.

No matter how many improvements we make, our work is never done. Our commitment to our guests and community is stronger than ever, and we will continually seek new ways to make John Wayne Airport the very best travel experience.

As our bright future unfolds in 2024 and beyond, we will keep doing what we do best—surpassing the expectations of our guests and maintaining our reputation as Orange County’s favorite airport. Thank you for choosing John Wayne Airport… we hope to see you soon!

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